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There are many a things that you can pack and transfer that through the help of Packers and Movers Bangalore but there are many a things that are close to your heart and you cannot allow anybody else to manage it and transport it. Just like the jewelry as they are the valuable things especially for the ladies and girls and they cannot allow anyone to take care of that because they think themselves to be responsible for it and any of the chance cannot be taken by them for the jewelry, and even there are many of the Packers and Movers Bangalore who deny to shift jewelry and we have to do it on our own so that everything remains secure and protected and we cannot blame anybody for that. As it is all your concern to shift your jewelry items and that you have to mange it and you cannot take risk in any of the case so it is really important that you know that how to pack the jewelry safely and shift it properly to your place so that you can have it and wear it again with the same craze as you have worn it for the first time.

So here are some mentioned tips and tricks that you can follow and pack all your favorite jewelry items safely for the shift:

Packing of necklace and bracelets
Necklace and bracelets are generally the most delicate items as they are made up of chains which could be broken any of the time, so you need to be over protected for it. You can make use of –

Toilet wraps – you can easily cover the necklace with the help of toilet tolls as they can protect your chains and neck pieces easily. After covering a piece with the toilet tolls then you can cover it with the bubble wrap to double ensure the security.
Drinking straws – these are easily can be found on the nearby stores and you can cut it according to your requirements just pass the chain through the straw and hold it from the another side and place it into a secured box, so it is easily secured and you chains of bracelets and necklace would not get mixed up with each other and will not tied up.
Zip lock Bags – once you have secured your items using toilet rolls or by the help of straws it could be easily places inside the zip lock bags and even the big necklace which could not be secured through straws you can place it easily inside the zip lock bags.
Packing bangles and rings

Newspapers or toilet rolls – just roll the paper and make a long stick through it and place the bangles into it, you can make much thinker stick for the bangles and much thinner for the rings. By think each and every bangle would be secured and none of them will be lost.
Use egg carton for rings – it is also in easy DIY you can place the rings into the cleaned egg container and then cover it up with the strong plastic or with the help of cotton.
Different cardboard boxed – you can use the cardboard box which you have not used in the packaging and just make a simple box with different compartments and then you can place your bangles and rings into it.
Pill organizers – there are different pill organizers according to the week or according to months so you can use it to protect your jewelry. Just use different sections for different rings.
Packing out earrings and tops
Buttons – small earrings and the tops can be placed easily inside the buttons and it would be secured as there is much risk of losing the small tops, so when you would place it inside the buttons you will never lose any, and then keep the buttons secured into any of the box.
Paper plates – you can place the tops inside the paper plates as much as you can and just cover the plate with bubble wraps so it will be easily transported.
Pill organizers – similarly you can use pill organizers for the earrings and tops also, so that everything remains separated and can be transported without any damage.
Well after reaching the place also there are many of the responsibility that you have to pay that is keeping everything again at its place so simply clean it and secure it into your lovely jewelry boxed and if you want you can also use any of the DIY given below.

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